The Harper Brothers – Why Does This Pop-Rock Cover Band Travel From France To Denmark Every Summer

Anybody searching to get “The Harper Brothers” jazz band of the late ’80s containing Winard Harper and Philip Harper will probably be sorely disappointed. This is the first Harper Brothers formed at the mid 80s by Torchy Harper aka Clive Day band huren bruiloft. Torchy Harper spent his early years living in a gas station in Watford, England with just his dog Sam and his brother Colin for business. Years after things have shifted. Torchy currently lives in France and Colin has come to be an accountant and also the topic of the tune, ‘In the City’. His pet Sam has now turned into a true kid and the puppy is currently called Gary.

Torchy Harper currently runs one the very cluttered pubs in the French Alps and spends the whole winter drunk, supported by the lively drinking matches in ‘La Grotte’ at the ski resort of Serre Chevalier, France. At summer time Torchy usually rebuilds the pub from scratch prepared for next winter.

The Harper Brothers have been playing regularly in Serre Chevalier since 2001 and are always pestered with a bearded Danish guy named Alfred Hede Hansen out of Ringe, Denmark who seems every winter because of his ski vacation. . The Harper Brothers get a lot of offers like this and frequently give contact information and state “give us a call when you have sorted out some gigs”. Nobody ever does, except Alfred.

The reception was brilliant, the Danes love this twisted, politically incorrect rock and pop covers band and combine in the dreadful drinking games in authentic Viking style. 1 ginger haired, light skinned maiden from Ringe was so impressed, she moved on to reside in France and then wed the guitarist at 2005.

The Harper Brothers have adored the excitement and the entirely ‘over the top’ hospitality of those Danish men and women. Anyone who believes of Denmark as dull and cold nation should consider again. In the summer the weather is excellent along with the Danes are a few of the warmest people you’ll ever meet.

The Harper Brothers play regularly in La Grotte, Serre Chevalier, France, during the winter ski season. Gig information and much more can be seen at


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